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We love the D! Tigers reprint

This full page color illustration by Free Pressers Jason Karas and Eric Millikin was built from over one thousand photos submitted by Detroit fans all over the world showing off their own D.

The Tigersí D logo has gone through many transformations, from Old English Dís, to block Dís, to Dís with Tigers jumping through them. This 16"x24" glossy reprint includes a breakdown of the D's many forms through the years.

Get yours -- and display your pride in the D -- for just $7.95 (plus shipping and handling).

D at the wall

TRAVEL WITH THE D: When metro Detroiters travel, they often take a piece of home with them and we've got tons of pictures to prove it. The iconic Olde English D has been spotted across the globe, displayed by readers with hometown pride. So check out these vacation photos and see for yourself where the D has been. And the next time you go on a trip, take the D along, snap a photo and submit it to us at along with your contact information and a phone number. We will contact you only if we plan to publish your photo in the Travel section of the Sunday Free Press. Photo of the D visiting the Great Wall of China, submitted to by Derrick Williams

REPRINT: We love the D! P-190$7.95